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When choosing a commercial flooring product, it’s important to think carefully about the intended area – and how it’s used. Is it a high-traffic zone where durability and safety are paramount? Is it a client-facing space? Will the area be subject to extremes – wet, dry, hot or cold? 

There are many factors affecting your choice of commercial flooring, and we’re always happy to discuss your vision, your budget and your specific project needs to ensure you select the ideal flooring solution for your space. 

Options include: 

Carpet Tiles 

Stylish, flexible and functional, carpet tiles are a durable, low-maintenance solution suited to almost any interior environment. The ability to replace worn, stained or damaged tiles makes carpet tiles an appealing, budget-friendly solution – and a popular pick with many commercial clients. 

Vinyl Flooring 

Extremely versatile, durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean, vinyl flooring is available in a wide variety of colours…and styles. 

Resin Flooring 

Resin flooring boasts a tough, chemical-resistant finish suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. It’s also durable under impact and thermal shock thanks to its flexibility under stress. 

Rubber Flooring

A durable choice which is easy to clean, rubber flooring is a popular choice for hard-wearing, high-traffic environments such as gyms, basements, playrooms and recreation zones. 

Hygienic Wall Cladding 

An alternative to traditional tiling in areas where the highest standards of cleanliness are essential, hygienic wall cladding is an excellent option for hospitals, cafes and nursing homes – and Concept Floors is an expert in this specialised field. 

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